Embody Your Greatness

Bring Your Whole Self to Life!

Reach your full potential!

Becky Brittain Ph.D. works with individuals who want to be happier, healthier, more energetic and more productive. She has developed an innovative, creative, body-centered program.  Embody Your Greatness coaching and therapy teach you how to clear your stress, pain, and fear in order to live your life at a new level of wholeness.

You will achieve amazing results.

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Take the next step. Embody your Greatness!

Becky is your master guide on your creative path or healing journey. She is an experienced body-centered psychotherapist who taught at Washington University. She combines clinical skills with cutting-edge knowledge from neuroscience, somatic therapy, and trauma treatment. She encourages you to ignite your abilities, accelerate your personal development, and discover your creativity, pleasure, and flow.

Your individual transformation starts with learning to be present through embodied self-awareness. Becky teaches you how to open up safely to layers of your being that express new beginnings, while releasing old patterns. Tap into your brain, heart, body and emotional intelligence to open up new channels of self-knowledge.  Access your imagination to receive inspiration and guidance from spiritual energies, soul passions and your genius.
Choose to change your life