Embody Your Greatness


Experiential Workshops

Embody your Greatness workshops encourage health and wholeness, body healing, self-acceptance, and personal discovery through somatic learning and creative arts exploration.

Workshops are given at Becky’s studio and can be scheduled through schools, churches, and other community centers.  To register for a workshop, email Becky at becky@embodyyourgreatness.com. Please put “Workshop” in the subject line.  To ensure that everyone has a rich experience, the workshops below are limited to 8 participants each.  Becky will send you a confirmation email, then you can pay the workshop fee by clicking the “Buy Now” button below to pay via credit card or PayPal — or by mailing a check.

Transform – Self-Discovery through Contact ImagerySIUE Workshop Cropped

Becky has developed a transformational method, Contact Imagery, to help you relax and tune into your authentic self.  You will learn a gentle expressive arts practice that allows you to connect to the inner movement of your life.  In the workshop, you will tap into your imagination, feelings, and body sensations, and then express them for greater personal insight through a drawing (no artistic skill or experience needed!). There is opportunity to talk about your process. Becky will facilitate group discussion where participants have the opportunity to share. Hundreds of people have enjoyed and benefited from this tried and true practice.

Two 90-minute sessions. ($60.00) Buy Now Button

Saturdays, April 11, 18, 2015

10:00-11:30 AM

(Note: if you pay for the workshop via credit card or PayPal, the payee will read “Mothering Coach LLC”)


Renew – Feeling Support from Your Body to Thrive

This workshop introduces you to your many somatic resources for self-care.  Using several techniques, you will learn how to breathe, relax your muscles, center, ground, and move with flow. You will gain access to your sources of personal energy to feel revitalized and empowered.  You will learn the art of body scanning and how to create healthy body boundaries.

One three-hour session. ($100.00) Buy Now Button

Saturday, May 2, 2015

10:00 AM -1:00 PM

Professional Workshops

Embody your Greatness workshops are offered for professional education and training. Becky is an expert and recognized leader in several important emerging disciplines: prenatal and perinatal psychology, somatic psychology, dance-movement therapy, and expressive arts therapy. Becky’s workshops include lectures and experiential work that cover progressive ideas and clinical methods from these fields.

Contact Becky to discuss opportunities for professional workshops.