Embody Your Greatness


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Embody your Greatness is offered as a body-centered psychotherapy, if you are on a healing journey.  Many psychological and health conditions can be improved by a clinical somatic focus that allows you to connect to your body and feelings. Your body holds your history and reveals early patterning and internal blocks. The goal of the work is to become somatically self-aware, discover the roots of your trauma, build upon your emotional strengths and feel safe in your body. You can also address trauma received during critical developmental stages. Uncover implicit memories of  those traumatic experiences  and release feelings and energies that clear the emotional body.

Becky’s clinical knowledge and guidance will help you master skills/conflicts of each developmental period to ease life transitions and reduce chronic stress.  Move through your resistances to heal your core self and know your value.

Body-centered psychotherapy complements other therapies with emphasis on body wisdom, trauma resolution, and creative expression. You cultivate a sense of wholeness with greater embodiment as you create more secure foundations.

Is body-centered psychotherapy right for you?

A wide range of people can benefit:

  • Individuals who are depressed and anxious or who experience lack of energy and pleasure.
  • Individuals holding chronic body tension and have difficulty relaxing and sleeping.
  • Individuals with trauma and PTSD.
  • Individuals suffering from chronic pain, cancer, and other serious conditions.
  • Adults and adolescents with body image distortions and psychosomatic disorders.
  • Adolescents and children with stress regulation difficulties.
  • Infants, children and adults with birth trauma and bonding/attachment disorders.

What will your sessions be like? ??????????????????

Becky will work with you to tailor the process to your therapeutic needs.  First, you will discuss your personal and somatic histories and choose what you want to work on. You will be breathing; relaxing, sensing your body and doing guided visualization, engaged in Becky’s somatic arts process. This focusing gives you access to the inner movement of your life and to the depth of your body’s wisdom, heart and feelings.  You learn how to tune into and express your body sensations, feelings and creative aspects.  Becky supports you to transform pain and stress into greater levels of health, vitality and meaning.

You discover and realize hidden potentials and strengths as you are supported to release emotional blocks. You may record and share your insights and imagery through talking, journaling, drawing, or by doing authentic movement.  This practice gives form to your emerging themes for ongoing self-development. No artistic skills are needed.