Embody Your Greatness


About Working with Becky

Embody your Greatness seems to me a necessity for each one of us in this fast paced, stress filled world. Becky’s ability to help me tap into my inner resources constantly in order to help myself has been invaluable. She has been truly inspirational and helped me to believe in myself during times when this has seemed impossible. Becky has the leadership qualities and knowledge about mind-body healing that makes people listen when she talks and to try to incorporate her words into their daily lives.  She helped me uncover the potential in myself to lead a life full of positivity.

 – V.

Dear Becky, You have magic power! Today was a sacred experience with you. Words are not enough to describe the beauty and wisdom of Becky… of experiencing time and creativity with Becky… Becky unleashed! For now I say thank you!

 – M.L.

Becky is an incredibly intuitive and inspiring coach. She has coached me for over 5 years and has supported me in all areas of my life. I initially began working with her after the birth of my twins where she supported me to navigate the anxiety and overwhelm that I felt as a new parent. Since then, she has helped me through some tough issues in other areas. Becky is a great listener and always asks the right questions. Our sessions leave me with the strength and confidence to trust myself and the tools to be my best self. My transformation journey with Becky has given me so much more that I ever would’ve imagined. My time with her is invaluable! I am so blessed to have her as a support person, mindset mentor, accountability partner, friend and coach.


“Dr. Brittain brings her knowledge of alternative healing modalities to help her clients, like me, reach our highest potential. Her intuitive and loving presence aids in faster healing than with other trusted professionals I have worked with. Your experience with her as a therapist, coach or speaker is sure to enrich the lives of anyone listening!”


Before seeing Becky, I was frozen in a state of fear and anxiety. On the outside, my life appeared to be happy and light, full of blessings, but on the inside I was in a constant warfare in my mind. My past traumas were pulling away my ability to experience joy and confidence. I made a commitment to myself that I would visit Becky for a full series of coaching on a weekly basis. Becky’s warmth and compassion immediately made me feel safe and secure. She gave me specific mantras and visualizations, aimed to disarm my negative thinking. Becky gave me a space to mourn, but also filled me with logical tools to regain my God-given right of self. I learned life-long lessons for growth and self assurance that I will never forget. My time with her gave me the ability to try new things and start anew.”


Becky has initiated and implemented a dance/movement therapy program at Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis, MO for children with cancer and special needs for The Andrea Rizzo Foundation. Becky’s efforts have improved the mood and well being of young, fragile patients as well as helped to build positive body awareness and body image and release of tension. She has helped them to cope better with anxiety and on-task behavior in groups. Her techniques also facilitate pain management through movement with clinical goals in-group and bedside settings. Ultimately, Becky facilitated a form of healing through movement modality working with mind, body, and soul as children often suffer in silence with their illness or condition.  Becky has gone above and beyond to create positive experiences for all involved….especially the children who have been fortunate enough to work with her. She is an inspiration!

Susan Rizzo Vincent, President, The Andrea Rizzo Foundation

I had the pleasure and privilege to be part of the first Somatic Psychology class at WU where Embody Your Greatness had its birth in Becky’s mind. It was inspirational and we learned a lot from our own experiences as women in present day society. The class taught me to relate body experiences to mindfulness state. I recommend this program to anyone interested in achieving a true balance of body-mind, and in having a sense of internal peace while in pursue of such balance.

-Carmen Sofia Dence, Somatic Certificated, Washington University – University College 

Through working with Becky, I have learned to remain positive with self love, and use many other ‘tools’ which help me to evolve when the inevitable challenge arises. She teaches you to transform yourself and your thoughts- in my case, the princess must become the queen once again, and take charge of her own castle, thus EMBODYING MY OWN GREATNESS, and working to positively affect everyone around me.


Becky has the very special ability to accurately sense and support my next important level of development.  She supports me to nurture and appreciate myself so that personal change actually does happen.  She is a wonderful coach and therapist who helped me immeasurably during some very difficult times. Thank You!


Becky’s energy work has been instrumental in the success of my Real Estate business. Over the years I have had properties listed that were difficult to sell due to their low energies. She would clear these properties and within days everything would change…..offers came in and these properties sold.

Susan Williams, Marina del Rey, California